Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Canon from Fux

This one needed a bit of tweaking to make it work. It is a canon at the 4th below and came about this way:

I found the harmonic and rhythmic interval by testing options (yesterday, on the train). I discovered that all the intervals between the two voices were consonant except for the seventh in measure 5. Since the seventh resolves down, this proved to be usable as well. The one remaining issue was the proper approach to the dissonance. Fortunately, a little rhythmic shift made the seventh work as a suspension. See the example -- I've included my sketches and working out for the sake of clarity.

The corresponding rhythmic shift in the comes, a measure later also worked advantageously, keeping the canonic imitation exact.

I did, however, depart from a strict canon by adding additional suspensions in the approach to the cadence.

The final step was embellishment with passing and neighboring tones to enliven the texture.

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