Saturday, January 10, 2009

Butch Baldassari (Dec. 11, 1952 - Jan. 10 2009)

Just as I was sitting down to write today's canon, my friend Seth Austen informed me of the passing of Butch Baldassari, musician (mandolinist) and a true gentleman.

I met Butch at Cape Cod Mandolin Camp and had the pleasure of performing several duets with him at the faculty concert. This was just before he became ill. I wish I had the chance to know him better.

In Butch's honor, I offer this double canon at the octave on the refrain to the hymn Rest for the Weary from the Sacred Harp. It is set for 2 mandolins and guitar. The original melody is in the 2nd mandolin.

My condolences to the Baldassari family on this sad day.

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